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Mouseover the symbols positioned around the magical sphere: You will enter the mysterious wonderland and start to explore some of the most important locations of 'Das Unkrautland' such as Primus' tower an d Miss Plim's witchhouse.


The tower, Thistlepath 13, Fogfields
... supposedly abandoned but at times there is a flickering light behind the old windows.


Plim's Toy Shop, Stumptrail 1, Gloomyforest
... be aware and always watch your money bag.


Strange chasm
Climbing hooks lead you down. At this point, there is a tunnel. Who, do you think, might have been the builder?


Wodden orientation sign located in the Gloomyforest
... always pointing in different directions.


The northern bank of the Moonwaterlake
There is an old boat lying in the shallow water. Someone will come and refloat it.


Stony Harp
Prick up your ears and listen to the whispers of the southerly wind.


The portal to the realm of islands
The guardian goblin affirms the islands are abandoned ... almost.


Shifting Lake
It disappears, appears at some other point and disappears again - ceaselessly.