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”Everybody who loves weired characters,
fantastic stories and tricky riddles will not
get enough of the fantastrilogie
’Das Unkrautland'.”

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... of passed days and forgotten ages


„Das Unkrautland“ (engl. „Tendrils Land“) is a mystical, spooky world which
rests upon the juvenile book series of the german author Stefan Seitz.
An almost forgotten myth forms the background of the great saga which
reveals bit by bit pieces of some cryptic circumstances and events.

Primus has lived in this old, crooked tower high above the Fog Fields for as long as he can remember. He lives the moment, does what he feels like without anyone interfering. Not even himself knows the answer to the questions where he has come from and how old he is. But he owns a piece of something that seems to be connected directly to his nebulous past.

Remote memories, a weird symbol in the basement and the lines of a very old legend are part of the secret that enlaces Unkrautland. Primus, together with the brash witch Miss Plim, the accurate alarm-clock bird Bucklewhee and lots of other characters, heads off to unravel the great mystery.

Volume 1, 2 & 3 of Das Unkrautland - ‘Traces of the White Faerie’‘The secret of the Black Lodge’ & ‘Peaks of Sulphur Pinnacles’ are now available (in german language only). Start to follow the mystery and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Unkrautland with its bizarre and lovable characters.

Wishing you much fun!

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“...a true insider's tip for the lovers of  the
fantasy & mystery genre.”
TV Südbaden

“... step by step, a puzzle seems to be completed.
What mysterious secret lies upon Unkrautland?
Everybody wants to know!”
Der Sonntag

“There is a new fantasy world! Unkrautland with its
bizarre however  lovable characters has what it
takes to achieve real cult status.”

“Stefan Seitz manages to set the readers of his book
on always new and unexpected tracks.”
Hugendubel - Büchermenschen